Shingo Inoue (井上真悟)


Shingo Inoue is a Japanese ultramarathon and marathon runner from Hachioji, Tokyo. He won the IAU 24 Hour Run World Championship held in Brive-la-Gaillarde, France in 2010 with the distance of 273.708 km at the age of 29. He won the International Tour de Taiwan Ultra-marathon in April, 2013 with a time of 109:25:21.

2017 Crossing Taiwan Super Horse 246km Champion
2016 Crossing Taiwan Super Horse 246km Champion
2013 International Ring Taiwan Super Horse 1100km Champion
2010 24 Hours Super Horse World Champion

There is such a race in Taiwan, when an hour after the racer leaves, a car sets off at a constant speed of 15 kilometers per hour to pursue the racer. Whether the player is fast or slow or excited or depressed, the car always moves forward without moving, once it catches up, it will automatically demagnetized the player’s chip, and its distance to catch up with the player is the final result of the player.

The car is the real understanding of the well, running laps has been circulating the story of his race fainted and still get up to stick to the story. As soon as he set off, he was not disturbed by his opponent’s rhythm, accumulated strength at a near-uniform pace, and he was always very low-key at the back of the ranking. Once the front player drops speed, he swallows it quietly, then keeps the same rhythm and chases down the next contestant, like a fearsome degaussing car.

From a mediated person began to run, after emotional changes, the death of loved ones, and so on, these are enough to shake the mind of the event, but he did not choose to break life, but to transform these energy to become his standing day and month of running strength.