Kaori Niwa (丹羽薰)


Kaori Niwa, from Kyoto, Japan, is a Salomon athlete. She was born in April and her parents chose the name “Kaori” which means “spring breeze”. She is 2015 Japanese Trail Runner of the Year, placed 4th at UTMB in 2017 (with a broken wrist!) and has won Japanese Skyrunning Championships (2016) and many of the very competitive Japanese trail and ultra-races. Her other major achievements include 3rd place at Ultra Trail Mt Fuji in 2016.

2018 UTMF Women’s Runner 2018 Hard Rock 100 Women’s 4th
2018 Gaoligon Mountain Super Mountain Track Runner
2017 UTMB Women’s 4th
2017 Chaigu Downs Cross Country Race Women’s Champion
2016 UTMB Women’s 8th

An excellent Japanese runner, the Japan Sky Runner champion, finished fourth in UTMB last year, or in the absence of a wrist injury. Dan Yuyu is an all-rounder who has competed in dressage dance steps (equestrian) and is also an excellent skier.

Cross-country running Queen loves skiing “Before I ran, I started skiing, and I started running in 2012. In mountain skiing, you need to keep sliding up the mountain, climbing higher, the farther you go down, the longer you’ll be sliding! “,” said Dan Yu-yan so, the expression revealed the love of skiing, and everyone also joked that she is: love cross-country skiers, Dan Yu-yan generally ski in winter, and in summer, is still the usual running training, when it comes to such a way of life, Dan Yu-yan as the driving force of the race.

In addition to skiing, Dan Yu-yan also slowly began to ride, and this opportunity is because on Christmas Day, her husband gave her a bicycle, and since then also began to ride, but more than 20 years of skiing experience dan Yu-fu now more like running, for her, this is a return, and running as a boring and lonely sport, for this Dan Yufan dog as his partner, one called Mark, another called Choki!

UTMB, to everyone’s surprise Dan Yu-yan most surprised the runners than the 2017 UTMB, when Dan Yu-yan broke his arm while competing in the Tromso Skyrace in Norway before the race, resulting in a single cane in utMB competition, but still finished fourth in the women’s race, a performance increase of more than 1 hour and 40 minutes over the previous year. During the interview, we learned that Dan Yuyan could not run for a long time, which was not conducive to bone healing. So she did some weight-bearing training, walking on a treadmill, and jogging. It wasn’t until two weeks before UTMB started that i started running in the mountains. In fact, before the game she still felt not ready!

In the competition, Dan Yu-yan did not pay attention to the results, also do not pay attention to the surrounding players, because they feel that they do not run well. Dan Yu-yan has maintained a relatively relaxed pace, friends to cheer her, until 125KM only to tell her the ranking, in the hearing of their fourth place, Dan Yu-yan is simply happy! She believed it was the muscle that gave her the strength to do her best on the final journey.
New season, performance bright and in 2018, Dan Yu-fu twice visited China, respectively, participated in the first leg of UTWT at the beginning of the year in Hong Kong 100 and March Gao Ligong Mountain Super Mountain Track Race, but Hong Kong Bai because of some gastrointestinal discomfort and sudden anemia in the race, finally strong finished the women’s 20th place, and came to the southwest border of Gao Ligong Mountain Super Mountain Track Race, after the recovery of the longest mountain race, the longest group of women’s mountains

But in 2018, the most representative race of Dan Yu-fu is undoubtedly the hard stone 100 held in North America after the long cross-ocean, as the world’s oldest and most influential race, hard stone 100 cold hard gravel road is every cross-country runner dream to conquer the race, and Dan Yu-yan also here achieved the women’s fourth place, which is also the best result achieved here by Asian athletes.

From utMF in your hometown to UTMB in the temple; from The vast mountain trails of Gao Ligong in southwestern China to San Juan, North America, in the wilderness of almost five continents, you can witness the huge energy that this seemingly petite body bursts into, looking at the photos of Dan Yuyu, each of which is full of energy. Love life, love sports, so she is dazzling people can not open