Chou Ching (周青)


2018 Ultimate Tsaigu Trail Race 65k Champion
2018 Run Through the Jungle Champion
2017 Ultra-Trail Tai Mo Shan50k Champion
2017 Huabo 6 Hours Super Horse Champion
2015 Yilan Dongshan River Super Horse 50km Champion

For the significance of participating in cross-country racing, Chou Ching think it is to pursue a stronger self. And how to achieve excellent results in cross-country racing, Chou Ching has his own set of training methods: the first is of course the training run. I found that most of the top athletes run, are very considerable, hard-working to make up, running is the basis for cross-country competition to achieve good results.
The second point is skill. Cross-country running skills are the accumulation of experience, in different terrain, different weather, different equipment, how to adjust themselves, through the accumulated experience of the ability to output, in order to achieve good results. The third point is supply. “Gentleman’s nature is not different, good and false to things also.” In cross-country racing, resupply is an extremely important part. Recall, last year to participate in Ultimate Tsaigu Trail Race, the most impressive is 30 kilometers after the countless fire-proof forest roads, they let me eat a lot of pain – if there is no muscle strength, the consequences are unimaginable.

Currently, I run between 130 and 150km a week, with two strength training and rehabilitation sessions. I hope that more people can participate in cross-country events, experience the extreme cool feeling of running in the mountains.