Katsuo Stamina


Jointly developed by Stamina Sports Co. Ltd. and Japan’s Fisheries Research Agency. Function food for athletes, it was developed via new scientific research and is suitable for all sporting activities, especially extreme sports like marathons, long-distance cycling, triathlon, and mountaineering, amongst others.

Run Faster, Go Further, Finish Stronger.

Katsuo Stamina

Revolutionary product developed in the Japanese labs with scientific research, Katsuo Stamina has helped athletes at their quest of improving performance. Recycle lactic acid back into energy while ridding excessive lactate. It serves to protect muscles and increase sports endurance; making it suitable for intense workouts and events like marathons.

Fast-absorbing, high quality protein

QC STAMINA – Quick Charge

QC Stamina is a fast-absorbing, high quality protein supplement which protect muscles and sustain body energy to maximize endurance. Consuming protein has always been a debatable subject but with QC Stamina, runners have a nutritious supplement containing collagen, branched-chain amino acids, and other nutrients.



Katsuo Stamina is Asia’s first sports supplement to pass the Informed-sport and Informed-choice dual-certified non-doping products.